E-Sign Consent

Business Funding, LLC, its affiliates, and third-party service providers may need to supply you with certain communications, notifications and agreements, billing statements or disclosures in writing regarding our services. By clicking the check box next to the E-Sign Consent Agreement, you are confirming your ability and consent to receive Communications electronically from Business Funding, LLC, its affiliates and third-party service providers for the use of electronic signatures in our relationship with you. Please read the information below carefully and thoroughly.


Under this Consent, Business Funding, LLC, may provide all Communications electronically by email, fax or via Business Funding’s website. Communications are defined as but not limited to (1) agreements and policies required to use the Services (e.g. this Consent, the Business Funding Privacy Policy, Business Funding ISO Agreement, Business Funding Syndicate Agreement, Business Funding ISO Application and Business Funding Syndicate Application), (2) disclosures, (3) any account related documents, and (4) authorizations. You hereby consent to allow Business Funding, LLC to respond to any inquiries or communications via e-mail, fax, or any other electronic means. You consent that we may use electronic signatures and obtain them from you as part of our transactions with you.  You agree that all electronic copies of communications are deemed valid and admissible originals. In accordance with the law, you agree and acknowledge that all forms of electronic communications delivered to you from Business Funding, LLC will be given the same legal effect as signed paper communications.



To access and retain electronic Communications, you will need the following:

  • A computer, or mobile device with Internet or mobile connectivity
  • Access to the email address used to create an account for Business Funding Services
  • Hard Drive and or storage device

You may change your email address at anytime but must notify us of any changes and hereby agree to notify us of any such changes immediately. Please send any changes to operations@businessfunding.com with your name and new email in the message or via US Postal service to the address below.



You may elect to receive communications in paper form, in doing so it may slow the speed at which we complete and deliver our services to you. You may do this at any time, by providing us with written consent that has been notarized to the address below stating your name, e-mail address, US Postal address and telephone number. Any information we provided electronically will still be made available to you on paper. Even with your change in consent, any electronic communications and agreements previously entered with your electronic signature will remain effective and binding.

Business Funding, LLC
21 East Front St, 6th Floor
Red Bank, NJ, 07701 



By providing your consent, you are confirming that you have (1) the system requirements listed above, (2) you are able to receive and view electronic documents and records, (3) you have an active email, and (4) you can access and read this “E-Sign Consent Agreement.” Until you notify Business Funding, LLC as described above, you consent to receive from and through electronic means of all agreements, documents, disclosures, authorizations, acknowledgements and any other documents that are provided to you by Business Funding during your relationship.